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Kurapa Healthcare whose name “Kurapa” is the Shona word meaning “to treat,” is an Integrated Healthcare Solutions Company focused initially on Medical Supply & Distribution of products sourced from reputable manufacturers with the highest standards, both local and international. After establishing a market presence with this product niche, Kurapa Healthcare will expand to offer a wide range of Medicines, Unrivalled Care and Cutting-Edge Diagnostic Services at our Retail Pharmacy Chain, Medical Center Network and Laboratory Technologies.

Products & Services

The Backbone of our Business

Our Products & Services

Kurapa Healthcare will offer market cutting-edge medical innovations that will cater for both the healthcare provider and patients they are serving, working tirelessly to maintain a consistent and reliable provision of affordable vital medical supplies to ensure the best possible health outcome at both public and private healthcare institutions.

The ultimate desired goal through our five commercial divisions;

Medical Supply Distribution – Kurapa Distributors,

Retail Pharmacy Chain Kurapa Pharmacy,

Medical Centre Network – Kurapa Medical Centre,

Laboratory Technologies – Kurapa Biosciences

and Medical Marketing Consulting – Kurapa Consultancy

Our goal is to increase healthcare access, efficiency and affordability across Zimbabwe, with future expansion into the greater Africa region.

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Monday                                               8am – 4.30pm

Tuesday                                              8am – 4.30pm

Wednesday                                      8am – 4.30pm

Thursday                                          8am – 4.30pm

Friday                                                  8am – 4.30pm

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